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What Cat Food Is Best Does It Really Matter

Just like humans, cats also need their daily dose of essential nutrients for good health and longevity. Any basic cat food that is available in the market promises to provide every possible nutrient for your cat. These foods contains both animal and plant matter. Cat foods should contain taurine, as it is a very important nutrient, in the absence of which cats can be blinded. Some believe that it is harmful to give cats commercial foods, as they are not natural and do not contain proper nutrition.

Ingredients of homemade cat food

Homemade foods contain all the essential nutritional benefits a cat needs to remain healthy. Homemade cat food comprises of raw ground meat/fat, finely chopped vegetables, ground eggshells/bone meal and even cooked or soaked grains. While giving bone meal, make sure it is purchased from the health food store. You may also give correct dosages of nutritional supplement along with the cat food. Make sure the water given to the cat is also pure.

How to make cat food at home

You can make cat food by mixing meat/fat, water and bone meal or eggshell powder. Lamb, chicken, turkey or beef (all raw) can be used as well. But do not use raw fish or pork. Add fat with organ meat as it is lean meat and fat is beneficial. In case it is a vegetable meal, prepare the mix with very finely chopped vegetables excluding potatoes, onions, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers. If you want, you can make mixtures and keep them refrigerated so that they can be used over a long period of time. Make the stew with approx one spoon of vegetables and three spoons of meat, along with dietary supplements and hot water.

Cat food from stores

Commercial cat foods are available in either dry or wet form. Dry cat food is often preferred over wet ones, as they can be easily left out in the open for the cat to eat over a considerable amount of time. Wet foods on the other hand, are said to be good for constipation, urinary tract problems, diabetes and even obesity. Wet foods comprise of fish and less grains along with other substances. You will also get premix products and frozen raw diets for cats in these stores.

Different varieties of cat food

Most cats prefer soft chewable food in the form of dry kibble. Some cats prefer wet or canned cat foods. Cat foods are also available in different flavours like poultry, seafood, lamb and beef. These products are designed keeping age group of cats in view.

Feeding the right basic cat food is very important. Commercial food products are easily available and save you the trouble of arranging food for your cat. But in reality you might even be inviting trouble by feeding packaged food to your cat! Natural food is always good if you can take some time out for your loving pet. Often we nurture misconceptions like this one, cats love milk. This is a complete misconception as cats cannot digest lactose easily. So know well what foods are right for your cat and then chalk out the diet chart for your beloved pet accordingly.

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